02 December 2018

Para MalaikatNya Melayani Kita

But after he had considered this, an angel of the Lord appeared to him in a dream and said, ‘Joseph son of David, do not be afraid to take Mary home as your wife, because what is conceived in her is from the Holy Spirit. Matthew 1:20

There is angelic activity in the unseen world of spiritual activity. These creations of God carry spiritual significance in your life as they serve as God’s messengers and His protectors. They helped Joseph overcome his fear by assuring him that the Holy Spirit was the creator of his circumstances; therefore, God had a greater purpose at work. Malaikat-malaikat sungguh ada dan mereka memang tidak terlihat dengan mata jasmani kita sebab mereka beroperasi di dunia roh. Mereka diciptakan Tuhan untuk menolong kita dalam kehidupan kita yang melayani sebagai pembawa pesan Tuhan dan pelindung kita. Mereka yang dipakai Tuhan untuk menolong Yusuf yang sedang mempertimbangkan hubungannya dengan Maria dan akhirnya menguatkannya bahwa yang terjadi adalah karya Roh Kudus bukan karena Maria yang telah berbuat tidak pantas,

Do you look for evidence of angelic work around you? Have you considered that Christ has created your circumstances for His greater purpose? We know Jesus had thousands of angels at His side waiting to engage the enemy. “Do you think I cannot call on my Father, and he will at once put at my disposal more than twelve legions of angels?” (Matthew 26:53). Angels are at the Almighty’s disposal to come to your aide. Apakah Anda mencari-cari bukti keberadan malaikat dan pekerjaan mereka? Kita dapat mempertimbangkan bahwa seperti situasi yang dialami dan dihadapi Yusuf adalah pekerjaan Tuhan dan malaikat-Nya juga berperan disitu, demikian juga dengan situasi dan keadaan kita. Ada Tuhan dan malaikat-Nya yang mengadakannya.

There are good and bad angels that vie for your attention. Though once an angelic emissary presented to God, Satan is in the mix. “One day the angels came to present themselves before the Lord, and Satan also came with them” (Job 1:6). Demons seek to accuse and destroy you with lies, while angels from the Lord lace their language with truth and hope. What voice do you consider when you feel pressure and fear?

Thank God for your guardian angels, but do not take them for granted by using them as an excuse for foolish behavior. “For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways” (Psalm 91:11). Reckless living is not an excuse for the deployment of heavenly help. The devil attempted to lure Jesus into presuming on His heavenly Father’s favor during a time of weakness, but He resisted him with Scripture. “Then the devil took him to the holy city and had him stand on the highest point of the temple. ‘If you are the Son of God,’ he said, ‘throw yourself down. For it is written: “He will command his angels concerning you, and they will lift you up in their hands, so that you will not strike your foot against a stone.”’ Jesus answered him, ‘It is also written: “Do not put the Lord your God to the test”’” (Matthew 4:5–7).

Angels are your confident security that Christ is in control. Take comfort in knowing that the enemy is being engaged on your behalf by a superior force and firepower. Use the Bible as your weapon of choice as Satan and His demons cringe and retreat at the sight of truth. Indeed, look out for and listen to the angelic voices in others.